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 Brazilian Embroidery Book Sunshine's Fantasy World

Sunshine's Fantasy World

Butterflies, Bugs, Bouquets and Critters

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Sunshine's Newest book

All Color Pictures
136+ Traceable Designs Directions and traceable drawings for front & back covers.
60+ Flower Directions
28+ Stitch Reviews
Many Floral Arrangements,
Butterflies and more Butterflies, Tropical Birds, Dragonflies, Bumble Bees, Bugs, Creepy Crawlies, Lady Bugs, Sea Creatures, Birds, Caterpillars and more fun things to stitch onto a garment, quilt block or make a wall hanging, a picture or a cushion!   For a larger picture and more information.....click here

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Book by Cheryl Schuler: Back cover design of Sunshine's Fantasy World




BK-S134 $29.95

Please have Sunshine sign
my book  



Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Book by Cheryl Schuler: Sunshine's Treasures      Sunshine's Treasures, Book 1

By Cheryl "Sunshine" Schuler

JDR-BE proudly presents it's newest book! 
This book has directions for the beginner to the advanced stitcher.  You will learn form the basic (opening a skein) to stitching double cast-on stitch drizzles over multiple needles! Large diagrams and easy to follow directions.  AND 22 traceable designs for you to stitch into a quilt, small pictures, satin box tops or onto your clothing.  100 pages

BK-S133  $24.95

  How many?

Please have Sunshine Sign my book  

Click on the picture for more information.

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Book
Brazilian Embroidery Instruction Handbook Featuring Sunshine's Valentine Heart

Check out the different packages for this design!

Brazilian Embroidery 101
BK-BE101 with traceable design: Sunshine's Valentine 128 pages spiral bound.
Don't have a teacher near by and you want to learn Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery?  This is the ultimate instruction handbook for learning the BE techniques.  Feel like "Sunshine" is sitting right there and showing you what to do every step of the way.

Or if you are a teacher - this is a great teaching tool for your classes.

$24.95  BK-BE101 Book Only with traceable heart
 ISBN  0-9721428-1-9          

Please have Sunshine Sign
my book  

JDR Brazilian Embroidery   
Book 1 

by Ria Ferrell  







This book has the 12  flowers that all beginning Brazilian Stitcher's should learn first.  Kits to match the stitches taught in this book are  available that include the print, ecru or white, threads, needles, and teaching directions.  Also there is available "Prints with Directions" in white and ecru of the 12 designs in this book. 
A great teaching tool and a great quick reference guide. These 12 would be great made as a quilt!  

  BK-J101  $8.95

Kit #1   or    
Print with Directions
Cross-Needle  Hydrangea 

Kit #7 or     
Print with Directions
#323   Bossa Nova Rose
Kit #2 or     
Print with Directions
# 337   
Creeping Flower
Kit #8 or     
Print with Directions
#339   Cast-on Flower
Kit #3 or     
Print with Directions
#321   Gerone Daisy
Kit #9 or     
Print with Directions
#325   Japanese Violets
Kit #4 or     
Print with Directions
#317   Lazy Daisy
Kit #10 or  
Print with Directions
#327   Snow Flower
Kit #5 or     
Print with Directions
#316   Rolled Roses
Kit #11 or  
Print with Directions
#322   April Flower
Kit #6 or     
Print with Directions
#338   Peach Blossom
Kit #12 or  
Print with Directions
#340   Carnation


Brazilian Embroidery Thread Leaf Instruction Booklet

Includes two prints to stitch!

BK-L500 $15.00



In The Beginning of Brazilian Embroidery
"In The Beginning"

12 beginning Flower Instructions by Sunshine 20 page booklet of color directions for the 12 beginning flowers written by Sunshine.  This takes you  beyond the book by Ria Ferrell.   This is set up in a teaching "lesson" format.

The color pictures help with understanding the stitch techniques.

BK-I101 In The Beginning $11.99 

The Art of Dimensional Embroidery book by Maria FreitasThe Art of Dimensional Embroidery  by Maria Freitas 

Detailed instructions for  29 stitches and how to use them to make over 40 flowers and leaves.  48 illustrated pages.     

....more information




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