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Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Designs by Blackberry Lane - Delma Moore

Click on the underlined words for more information on each design

Brazilian Embroidery Design
BL101  Bullion Daisy
 Brazilian Embroidery Design  BUDS OF MAY
BL102 Buds of May
BL 103 IVO BOUQUET Brazilian Embroidery Design
BL103 Ivo's Bouquet
BL 106 The Daisies - Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Pattern
BL106 The Daisies
Brazilian Embroidery Design: PISTIL DAISY BL107
BL107 Pistil Daisy
Brazilian Embroidery Design: SUE’S BOUQUET BL108
BL108 Sue's Bouquet
TOUCH OF CLASS By Christina Entwistle BL 109
BL109 Touch of Class
 ROSES FOR TESS- Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern BL110
BL110 Roses for Tess
Brazilian Embroidery Design: WEDDING BOUQUET BL111
BL111 Wedding Bouquet
Brazilian Embroidery Design COUNTRY CHARM BL 112
BL112 Country Charm
Brazilian Embroidery Design: WINTER WARMTH BL 113
BL113 Winter Warmth
AUTUMN SPLENDOUR Brazilian Embroidery Design BL 114
BL114 Autumn Splendor
Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Design Cup Day
BL115 Cup Day
Brazilian Embroidery Design:THYME PEACE BL 119
BL119 Thyme Peace
Brazilian Embroidery Design from Blackberry Lane:  Wedding Ring BL 120
BL120 Wedding Ring
Brazilian Embroidery Design  CIRCLE OF LOVE BL 121
BL121 Circle of Love
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane HEARTS andROSES By Delma Moore  BL 122
BL122 Hearts and Roses
LAVENDER LOVE  Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern
BL 123 Lavender Love
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane WOODLAND WONDER By Delma Moore, BL 124
BL124 Woodland Wonder
BL 125 THISTLE DOWN Brazilian Embroidery Pattern
BL125 Thistle Down
BL126 Scissors Holder
IRISES  Intermediate Brazilian Embroidery Design
BL127 Irises
CAMELLIA CUSHION- Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern
BL128 Camellia Cushion
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane PANSY PANSY BASKET By Delma Moore BL 130
BL130 Pansy Basket
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane PANSY SCISSORS HOLDER By Delma Moore BL 131
BL131  Pansy Scissors Holder
 IRIS ARRANGEMENT- Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern
BL132 Iris Arrangement
Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Design
BL133 Pretty As A Picture
Brazilian Embroidery Design From Blackberry Lane JULIES CIRCLE By Delma Moore BL 134
BL134 Julie's Circle
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane SPRING CUSHION By Delma Moore BL 135BL135 Spring Cushion Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane SUMMER ROSES By Delma Moore BL 136
BL136 Summer Roses
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane MARLO SWAG By Delma Moore BL 137
BL137 Marlo Swag
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: BL 138 Sunshine Daisies
BL138 Sunshine Daisies
Brazilian Embroidery Design: BL 139 BRAZILIAN JEWELS
BL139 Jewels Trinket Bowl and Doily
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: BL 140 Summer Garden
BL140 Summer Garden
Brazilian Embroidery Design BL 141 Armchair Caddy
BL141 Arm Chair Caddy

Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: Rose Chatelaine By Delma Moore, BL 142
BL142 Rose Chatelaine

Brazilian Embroidery Design  BELL PULL BL 143
BL143 Bell Pull
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: Summer Spray By Delma Moore, BL 144
BL144 Summer Spray
Blackberry Lane Brazilian Embroidery Design Wild Roses
BL146  Wild Roses
Brazilian Embroidery Design  Flower Heart
 Purple Daisy - Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern
BL148, 149 and 150 BL148 Purple Daisy
BL149 Pink Roses 
BL150 Golden Heart 
Lavender and Lace Brazillian Embroidery Pattern
BL151 Lavender and Lace
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: BL 152 Shades of Autumn

BL152 Shades of Autumn

Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: Pink Camellias

BL153 Pink Camellias

Garden Party Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern

BL154 Garden Party

BL155 Diana's Rose
Cottage Garden Brazilian Embroidery Pattern
BL156 Cottage Garden

BL157 Dogwood and Daisies
Christmas Brazilian Embroidery Design
BL201 Christmas Poinsettia
Brazilian Embroidery Christmas Design
BL202 Christmas Wreath
Brazilian Embroidery Design: Australian Blossoms BL 301
BL301 Australian Blooms
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: BL 302 AUSTRALIA FAIR
Seafoam Green Footstool
BL350 Sea Foam Footstool
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane: SAMPLER BLOCK 1 By Delma Moore, BLT101
BLT101 Sampler Block One
Brazilian Embroidery From Blackberry Lane SAMPLER BLOCK 2 By Delma Moore, BLT102
BLT102 Sampler Block Two
Brazilian Embroidery Design BEGINNERS SAMPLER BL T103
BLT103 Beginner Sampler Wall Grouping
Brazilian Embroidery Design Five Flower Sampler
BLT104 5 Flower Sampler
BLT105 BLT Three Flower Sampler- Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern


Cottage Garden BL 156

Cottage Garden Brazilian Embroidery Pattern

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