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EdMar Thread Packet in Purples and Periwinkles

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Notions and Supplies Index
Brazilian Embroidery Supplies 

    Notions and Supplies Index

Newest Notions
Brazilian Embroidery Supplies
       Thread organizers, apples for the EdMar design, color charts, needle packs, needle grabbers, Color Ring.
Tools and Gadgets
Tool and Needle Keepers
More notions and supplies
Glues, Sprays and Cleaners
Thread Organizers
Embroidery Needles
Needle Size Charts
Thread VS Needle Size
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Needle Threaders
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You MUST have the appropriate supplies to make this an enjoyable stitching experience. Problems may arise with the use of improper materials.

Suggested supplies:

Milliners Needles: Size 1,3,5,7; #18 or #16 Darner;  (Sunshine's Suggestion: N900 JDR-BE 101 Beginner Needle Assortment 
2 each of size 1,3,5,7 milliner needles; 2 of #18  darner, one Black Beauty needle threader, one Needle puller, card with needle pictures for a guide, Thread vs. Needle Size Information. Great for the beginner!) 

The needle types and sizes are on the needles pages.

Begining Brazilian Embroidery Thread Packet“Z” Twist Thread: You will need a sampling of each weight – color scheme is not an issue unless you want your doodle cloth to become a masterpiece.

“Black Beauty” needle threader

Bates HoopsEmbroidery Hoop: Susan Bates 5” or smaller.
A good way to decide if the hoop is the right size is to grip the edge of the hoop like you would when you are stitching: if your fingers can easily reach the center the hoop is a good size for you.

Spring hoops-I do not recommend for the beginner. Frustration created when stitching the squeezer bars into your stitching is not something that will happen with a Susan Bates hoop.
You will find that the spring hoops do not hold the fabric taut enough to keep the fabric from puckering.

A Thick Towel: This is to place under your work when stitching at the table. You will need to set your work down often to complete some of the stitches. This helps to keep the table from getting scratched. The towel also keeps those needles from rolling off the table.

Water Soluble Marker: Marvey Pen

mundial-stork-scissorsScissors: Small-easy-to-handle and keep in your sewing kit.

thread cutter pendantI recommend the thread cutter pendant if you are going to be flying and want to take your stitching on to the plane.

Needle grabbers: The grabbers are used when the thread has been wrapped excessively tight around the needle and a grip is needed to pull the needle through. Some stitchers have gotten those “free give a ways” from their banks or real estate companies that are for opening your canning jars and then cut them into disks. A rubber balloon also works well.

Magnifier: Good “cheater” reading glasses or a magnifier similar to the Mag-eyes.

Light Source: Get a good light source that can give you lighting without a lot of shadows. Daylight is best. If you are right handed have your light source behind your left shoulder.

Drizzle Pin Cushion: This is different than a tomato pincushion. The flat base keeps the pincushion form tipping over or rolling away while you are making drizzle stitches.
Doodle Cloth: Trigger/Blazer Poplin – Cream or White 20" x 20"
All stitcher should have a proper doodle cloth to practice new techniques and flowers. The doodle-cloth can “some day” become a work of art!

I suggest that you begin by putting your initials, an oval, a heart or some favorite shape on your doodle cloth with a water-soluble marker.

Do not use ink pens, graphite pencils or air erasable pens for marking your fabric.
Leave at least 4 inches around the edge. Make the drawing big enough to accommodate at least 20 flowers – so take up almost all of the space with your drawing.
The doodle creation is for fun and practice– don’t try to make it absolutely perfect!
Use the doodle cloth to practice your stitches and flowers, placing the flowers along the drawn shape.

The heart was  pictured in the local newspaper - my first doodle cloth. Out of all of the designs that were hanging in the show room, this is the one they picked to photograph. The bullions were not neat and tidy and the cast-ons were uneven. There were some pretty strange looking flowers and leaves. But it really did turn out pretty. When I started, I wanted to know every flower there was and just couldn’t spend the time repeating one flower. I was on a passionate journey!

Pictures of my first two doodle cloths are below.
Yours will look just as great!

JDR Brazilian Embroidery Elegance at jdr-be.com and fun2stitch.comSunshine Schuler's Doodle Cloth

Your doodle cloth can become a work of art too!
Lots of beads and field flowers were added.

Buttons were added to the “S”.

Brazilian Embroidery Starter Kit 

If you would like what I call a starter package see below:

N900 JDR-BE 101 Beginner Needle Assortment  $4.00
♥1 SB4 Susan Bates 4" hoop $2.75
♥1 TO 16 Slot Thread organizer $4.00
♥1 TO102 Puller for thread organizer $ .50
♥Screen Printed design JDR 149 Cream fabric print for practice (This is the design that is on the front cover of the book)  $7.00
♥MP105 Marvey water soluble pen $2.89
♥ Beginner Thread Sample Beginning Sampling of threads.  This is a card with all of the colors needed to do JDR 149 + some extras to give a try. There is plenty  of thread on this card in case you make a mistake.  All the weights of EdMar threads are included. Each thread is labeled to tell you were it is used in the design "Beginner's Delight".  $15.60
♥BK-I101 "In The Beginning" Booklet with all the beginning flowers and stitches. $11.99
Total Value for the Beginner Starter Package $48.48

 $48.48    Your Sale Cost $43.50


No additional discounts to stores or teachers

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Starter Kit
Brazilian Embroidery Starter Package
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