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Brazilian Embroidery Teachers

At JDR Brazilian Elegance we give a special discount to all Brazilian Embroidery teachers that are ordering supplies for their classes.  We feel that they should be rewarded for the effort of getting supplies to each of their students.  Many teachers never receive what they truly deserve for spreading the knowledge of this beautiful art.  If you are a Brazilian Embroidery teacher - contact us via e-mail or phone and we set up an account for you or send your name, address and phone number (let us know a little about you and your classes).
Please fill out and send to us Teachers Questionnaire  .  The rest of the information is for you to read.

A PDF file price sheets are available.  I have made it so that you can save it to your desktop but it must be in a PDF file format.   

Retail Price sheets    06-19-2012

We provide a  free copy here for YOU to print off.  If  you would prefer - we will print them for you.

Retail Price sheets for your customers to review - Suggested Retail Prices shown:


Teachers Price sheets:  We no longer have a separate teachers price sheet.  We have made the discounts for teachers easy to understand and use as a guide.  Once we have received the Teachers Questionnaire we will e-mail you the pricing discount schedule.

star graphic Retail Price Sheets 

A special note:  The teachers prices are not just a given right. It is a reward I am giving for your hard work.    You must call  and we must visit.  The discount is not automatically given to those that say " I am a teacher " .  The discounts are for the teachers' supplies for a class and what she is ordering for her students.  Buying one design for yourself does not qualify unless it is followed up with an order for student supplies. 
I can only continue to reward the teachers as long as the discount is not abused.
A " teacher " in this instance is a Embroidery teacher and is purchasing in that capacity. 
Your reward is NOT to be passed onto the student.  The student MUST pay at least suggested retail price for the product. If this policy is not followed - the discounts will not be allowed.  
E-mail us at if you have questions.


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Striving to keep you Wrapped In Stitches!
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