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EdMar Description Charts

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Threads and Ribbons

EdMar Colors 000-009
EdMar Colors 010-019
EdMar Colors 020-029
EdMar Colors 030-039
EdMar Colors 040-049
EdMar Colors 050-059
EdMar Colors 060-069
EdMar Colors 070-079
EdMar Colors 080-089
EdMar Colors 090-099
EdMar Colors 100-109
EdMar Colors 110-119
EdMar Colors 120-129
EdMar Colors 130-139
EdMar Colors 140-149
EdMar Colors 150-159
EdMar Colors 160-169
EdMar Colors 170-204
EdMar Colors 205-214
EdMar Colors 215-224
EdMar Colors 225-304
EdMar Colors 305-314
EdMar Colors 315-328
EdMar Colors 329-407
EdMar Colors 408-411

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EdMar Thread Description Chart   Z Twist  100% Rayon Thread
         Quick Ordering On Line EdMar Thread
The written description of each color of EdMar thread is listed below.  These descriptions are for the rayon threads in the "thread color samples" pages.  If you would like to see the colors of the EdMar Threads close up, the color chart pages will show them to you.  A large amount of the stitching that is done in Brazilian Embroidery is done with green thread.  I have highlighted all of the colors that I consider to be in the green family.  Not all colors are available in Cire` and this is indicated by NA meaning that it is not available (not made by company).  All the colors and weights below are available at all times!

♥Thread Inventory Sheets 8.5 x 11   |
these prices have changed as of June 2015 - will be updating asap

If you need the free adobe softwareAdobe Acrobat Reader

Below is for you to view.  
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Permission is given to print out the PDF  forms for your personal purposes only.  
They are NOT for resale. 


  1999-2012 JDR Brazilian Elegance

000 White SOLID
001 Medium / Light / Medium Blue SHADED
002 White / Gray / White Variegated
003 White / Light Yellow / White Variegated
004 Pale / Medium / Pale Pink SHADED
005 White / Salmon / White Variegated
006 Pale to Light  Antique Rose SHADED
007 Medium / Light / Med. Grape SHADED
008 Medium Yellow & Marigold Variegated
009 Dark / Med. / Dark Tangerine SHADED
010 Light Yellow & Tan Variegated
011 Medium Blue, Dark Pink Variegated
012 Lavender, Blue Variegated
013 Light Yellow, Light Pink Variegated
014 Light Yellow, Light Blue Variegated
015 Med. / Light / Med. Salmon SHADED
016 Light Gray, Light Salmon Variegated
017 Pale Pink, Lt Violet - Pastels Variegated
018 Light / Pale / Light Rose SHADED
019 Light Yellow, Orchid Variegated
020 Med. Burgundy, Dark Jade Variegated
021 Lt Yellow, Pink, Blue - Pastels Variegated
022 Bright Yellow, Orange Variegated
023 Coral, Medium Blue Variegated
024 Lt / Pale /Lt Sea Foam Green SHADED
025 Medium / Light / Medium Gray SHADED
026 Light Yellow, Pink, Blue - Pastels Variegated
027 Dark Pink & Burgundy Variegated
028 Light Gray, Lavender, Peach, Beige - Pastels Variegated
029 Dark / Med. / Dark Khaki / 'Mud' SHADED
030 Med. / Light / Med. Cinnamon SHADED
031 White, Light Pink, Lavender Variegated
033 Bright Yellow, Blue, Orange Variegated
034 Light / Pale / Light Periwinkle SHADED
035 White, Orange, Yellow Variegated
037 Blue, Lavender, Salmon Variegated
039 Light Brown, Orange, Yellow Variegated
040 Med. / Light / Med. Hunter Green SHADED
041 Light / Med. / Lt Plum Blossom SHADED
042 Whisper / Pale / Whisper Sea Foam Green SHADED
043 Light / Pale / Light Fuchsia SHADED

COLOR DESCRIPTION Chart    1999-2012   JDR-BE

044 Yellow, Avocado Green, Brown Variegated
045 Brown, Moss Green Variegated
047 Medium Gray, Sage Green Variegated
048 Pale / Light / Pale  Kelly Green SHADED
049 Lt / Pale / Lt Avocado Green SHADED
050 Dark / Med / Dk Avocado Green SHADED
051 Pale / Light / Pale Moss Green SHADED
052 Fuchsia & Violet Variegated
053 Light / Med / Lt Avocado Green SHADED
054 Lt Yellow, Pink, Lavender -Pastels Variegated
055 Light Brown, Salmon, Light Blue Variegated
056 White / Red / White Variegated
057 Royal Blue & Dark Orchid Variegated
058 Light - Medium Blue, Teal, Medium Sea Foam Green Variegated
059 Medium / Dark / Medium Chocolate SHADED
060 Natural & Light  Blue / Gray Variegated
061 Red Ochre, Moss Green Variegated
062 Lt / Medium / Light Blue Spruce SHADED
063 Pale / Whisper / Light Turquoise SHADED
064 Light Yellow, Light Brown Variegated
065 Light - Dark Cranberry SHADED
068 Lt / Pale / Lt Cinnamon "Tuscany" SHADED
069 Dark / Medium / Dark Straw SHADED
070 Pale / Whisper/ Light Orchid SHADED
071 Light / Dark / Light Turquoise SHADED
072 Medium / Light / Medium Apricot SHADED
073 Dark / Light / Dark Golden Yellow SHADED
074 Dark / Light / Dark Fuchsia SHADED
075 Whisper / Medium  Red SHADED
076 Dark Royal / Light Blue SHADED
077 Medium / Light / Dark Grape SHADED
078 Medium / Light Tangerine SHADED
079 Pale / Dark / Light Jade SHADED
080 Light / Very Dark / Light  Avocado SHADED
081 Medium - Dark Eggshell SHADED
082 Light / Pale / Light Colonial Blue SHADED
083 Pale / Medium Hot Pink SHADED
084 Vanilla & Pale Pearl Variegated
085 Light Apricot & Tan Variegated


086 Medium / Light / Medium Mulberry SHADED
087 Medium / Dark / Medium Cocoa SHADED
088 Pale / Light / Pale Gray SHADED
089 Medium / Light  Russet-Cinnamon SHADED
090 White / Light Pink / White Variegated
091 White / Light Lavender / White Variegated
092 White / Light Blue / White Variegated
093 Light Pink, Light Blue Variegated
094 Dark-Light Plum SHADED
095 Pale / Light / Pale Moss Green SHADED
096 Whisper / Pale / Whisper Apricot / Flesh SHADED
097 Pale / Light / Pale Pearl SHADED
098 Whisper/ Pale /Whisper Violet  SHADED
099 Dark - Medium Moss Green SHADED
100 Light / Medium Baby Blue SHADED
101 Light / Med / Light Christmas Red SHADED
102 Dark - Medium  Ecru SHADED
103 Medium / Light Royal Blue SHADED
104 Dark / Medium / Dark Peach SHADED
105 Medium / Dark / Medium Violet SHADED
106 Medium/Dark Gold/Yellow (California Poppy) SHADED
107 Medium / Light / Medium Orchid SHADED
108 Pale / Light / Pale Yellow SHADED
109 Lt / Med / Lt Spring Green (Kelly) SHADED
110 Lt /Very Dark / Med Olive Green SHADED
111 Baby Blue SOLID
112 Azure Blue (Light Sky Blue) SOLID
113 Bright - Dark Yellow SOLID
114 Light Yellow SOLID
115 Salmon (Cantaloupe) SOLID
116 Light Antique Rose SOLID
117 Violet / Very Dark Periwinkle SOLID
118 Apricot SOLID
119 Peach SOLID
120 Chocolate SOLID
121 Medium Moss Green SOLID
122 Light Rust SOLID
123 Medium Blue    New Cire! SOLID
124 Light Gray SOLID
COLOR DESCRIPTION Chart    1999-2012 JDR-BE 
125 Light Orchid (Lavender) SOLID
126 Light Milk-Chocolate SOLID
127 Orchid  New Cire! SOLID
128 Dark Rust SOLID
129 Gold SOLID
130 Whisper Rosy Beige (Egg Shell) SOLID
131 Hot Pink  New Cire! SOLID
132 Dark Gray   SOLID
133 Tangerine SOLID
134 Light Yellow SOLID
135 Pale Pink SOLID
136 Light Violet SOLID
137 Dark Magenta / Orchid SOLID
138 Light Straw (Pale Beige Yellow) SOLID
139 Dark Azure Blue (Sky) SOLID
140 Light Turquoise SOLID
141 Dark Mulberry (Wine) SOLID
142 Medium Mulberry (Wine) SOLID
143 Light Mulberry (Wine) SOLID
144 Navy SOLID
145 Slate Blue (Dark Colonial Blue) SOLID
146 Light Colonial Blue SOLID
147 Medium Colonial Blue SOLID
148 Emerald Green (Jade) SOLID
149 Very Dark Avocado Green SOLID
150 Dark Moss Green SOLID
151 Pale Avocado (Celery) Green SOLID
152 Christmas Red SOLID
153 Light Cora Pink SOLID
154 Red (Dark Coral) SOLID
155 Dark Pink (Medium Coral) SOLID
156 Very Dark Teal  New Cire! SOLID
157 Dark Burgundy SOLID
158 Bright Teal SOLID
159 Ivory /Vanilla SOLID
160 Dark Emerald Green SOLID
161 Slate Green SOLID
162 Medium Spring Green (Lime) SOLID
163 Antique Rose (Med. Burgundy) SOLID
164 Bright Mint Green SOLID
165 Light Sage Green SOLID
166 Light Ecru (Rosy Beige) SOLID
167 Dark Sage Green SOLID
168 Pale Apricot SOLID
169 Pale Strawberry SOLID
170  Dark Sea Green SOLID
171 Light Plum Blossom (Orchid) SOLID
172 Dark Magenta (Wine) SOLID
173 Medium Blue Spruce Green SOLID
174 Dark Blue Spruce Green SOLID
200 Dark Tangerine SOLID
201 Dark Royal Blue SOLID
202 Golden Tan / Dark Flesh SOLID
203 Golden Yellow (Lt California Poppy) SOLID
204 Fuchsia SOLID
205 Dark Fuchsia / Ruby SOLID
206 Black SOLID
207 Dark Grape SOLID
208 Dark, Bright California Poppy SOLID
209 Scarlet   SOLID
210 Dark Cocoa Brown SOLID
211 Dark "Tuscany" (Reddish Brown)    SOLID
212 Bright, Dark Turquoise SOLID
213 Bright Yellow/Green (Chartreuse Green) SOLID
214 Very Dark Hunter Green SOLID
215 Avocado Green SOLID
216 Light Moss Green   SOLID
217 Bright Spring Green SOLID
218 Pale Fuchsia SOLID
219 Light Periwinkle SOLID
220 Medium Periwinkle SOLID
221 Light "Tuscany" (Reddish Brown) SOLID
222 Light Honey (Beige) SOLID
223 Beige      SOLID
224 Pale Turquoise SOLID
225 Light Sable (Honey) SOLID
226 Dark Honey (Sable) SOLID
227 Pale Sea Green SOLID
228 Dove Gray  SOLID
229 Pearl


230 Medium Rust


231 Chestnut 


232 Rose Taupe SOLID

COLOR DESCRIPTION   1999-2012    JDR Brazilian Elegance

302 Ivory, Celery, Dark Moss Green Variegated
303 Light Rosy-Beige, Gray, Sea Foam Green, Antique Rose Variegated
304 Light Khaki, Medium to Light Moss Green, Dark Gray & Tan Variegated
305 Light Sage Green, Medium Gray Variegated
306 Ivory, Whisper-Pale Sea Foam Green, Dove Gray Variegated
307 Light Antique Rose, Sea Foam Light Lavender & Dove Gray Variegated
308 Pewter Green, Pine Green & Light Sage  
309 Dark Pine Green & Tobacco  
310 Medium Salmon, Dark Sage, Gold Variegated
311 Pale Colonial Blue, Light gray-Green, Light Royal Blue Variegated
312 Pale Colonial Blue, Light Sage Green, Pale Pewter  Variegated
313 Colonial Blue, Moss Green & Dusty Pink Variegated
314 Lavender, Gray, Dusty Rose Variegated
315 Bay Leaf & Beige Variegated
316 Raspberry and Barberry Variegated
317 Straw, Khaki, Gold Variegated
318 Very Dark Grape to Christmas Red Variegated
320 Lavender, Colonial Blue, Dusty Mauve Variegated
321 Rusty Salmon, Chocolate, Antique Rose Variegated
322 Dk Wine, Antique Rose, Magenta Variegated
323 Whisper - Medium Antique Rose, Cinnamon, Pale Beige, Ivory Variegated
324 Black, Gray, White Variegated
325 Black, Dark-Light Colonial Blue Variegated
326 Burnt Green, Light Sable, Straw Variegated
327 Whisper-Light Wine, Lavender,  Light Sage Variegated
328 Antique Rose, Wine Periwinkle Shaded
329 Red, White & Blue Variegated
330 Old Fence   Variegated
400 Pale to Light Yellow


401 Light Yellow to Dark Mustard Shaded
402 Pale to Medium Avocado Shaded
403 Light to Medium Moss Green Shaded
404 Dark to Light Pink Shaded
405 Pale to Medium Dusty Mauve Shaded
406 Whisper to Dark Colonial Blue Shaded
407 Medium to Dark Copper Shaded
408 Dusty Mauve To Dove Variegated
409 Very Dark to Medium Grape Shaded
410 Medium to Dark Bay Leaf Shaded
411 Medium to Whisper Avocado Shaded
412 Camouflage Shaded


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