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Rajmahal Art Silk Colors

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Rajmahal Art Silks are lustrous and versatile threads that work wonderfully for many forms of needlecraft, adding a very special finish to even the simplest of work. Rajmahal Art Silk is wonderfully suited to needlework of all types, including Brazilian, Stumpwork, crewelwork, miniature embroidery,  petit point, cross stitch, Goldwork, Sadi, Shisha, canvas work, silk ribbon, Hardanger, White work, smocking, lace-making, tassel and fringes, braiding, weaving.
Although I have made every effort to make the colors to appear exactly as they are - some  monitor variances may occur.
As the threads are hand dyed, please ensure that you have enough of each shade to complete your work.

The Art Silk thread is 6 stranded, 65% viscose rayon, 35% silk floss.
 It comes in 8 meters/ 8.75 yard skeins.

Rajmahal Art Silks are dyed so that shades are complementary to provide  perfect shading.
Art Silk colors range from the very rich and exotic, to delicate subtle pastels, on to the complex and deep renaissance shades.
 The numbers given on the Shade Card indicate related shades.
For example, the very rich Imperial Purple (115) has been taken back 2 shades to become Purple Dusk (113) which is then cooled a further 2 shades to reach Dainty Lilac (111)
Enter the quantities that you would like in the boxes  and press " Add " or you can enter quantities and scroll down to the next " Add to Cart " button. The top half and the bottom half each have their own buttons..
Color #  Color Name      Amount wanted  @ $1.79 Each Skein

EcruEcru Art Silk

241 Dusky RoseArt Silk 241

243 Grape Art Silk 243

181 Gentle Magenta Art Silk181

184 Vibrant Pink Art Silk 184

111 Dainty Lilac Art Silk 111

113 Purple Dusk Art Silk 113

115 Imperial Purple Art Silk 115

121 Bluebell Art Silk 121

122 Cossack Blue Art Silk 122

122 Royal Blue Art Silk 122

201 Blue Alabaster Art Silk 126

211 Hyacinth Art Silk 211

786 Blue Heaven Art Silk 786

788 Perfect Blue Art Silk 788

131 Aquamarine Art Silk 131

133 Turquoise Green Art Silk 133

161 Alpine Spring Art Silk 161

152 Spring Leaf Art Silk 152

165 Peacock Green Art Silk 165

65 Laurel Green Art Silk 655

521 Maidenhair Art Silk 521

421 Green Earth Art Silk 421

802 Pale Mint Green. (Melaleuca) Art Silk 802

805 Sassafras Art Silk 805

926 Verdigris Art Silk 926

221 Pastel Grey Art Silk 221

226 Gothic Grey Art Silk 226

25 Lagerfeld Ink Art Silk 25

29 Charcoal Art Silk 29

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Enter quantity in the squares

44 Tangier Sand Art Silk 44

45 Baby Camel Art Silk 45

90 Winter White Art Silk 90

91 Wheat Gold Art Silk 91

93 Chardonnay Art Silk 93

94 Moroccan Gold Art Silk 94

96 White Art Silk 96

261 Citrus Sorbet Art Silk 261

264 Citron Art Silk 264

141 Mango Cream Art Silk 141

144 Persimmon Art Silk 144

101 Jersey Art Silk 101

104 Cinnamon Art Silk 104

231 Apricot Cream Art Silk 231

235 Hot Orange Art Silk 235

371 Botticelli (flesh) Art Silk 371

374 Realgar Red Art Silk 374

379 Titian Red Art Silk 379

311 Fresco Oil Art Silk 311

841 Gilded Bronze Art Silk 841

171 Woodlands Art Silk 171

173 Boston Tea Art Silk 173

175 Earth Art Silk 175

742 Damask Rose Art Silk 742

745 Bordeaux Art Silk 745

200 Barely Pink Art Silk 200

202 Petal Pink Art Silk 202

251 Sugar Melon Art Silk 251

255 Vermillion Art Silk 255

256 Hot Plum Art Silk 256

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