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Faceted Metallic Thread

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Facet and Petite Faceted Metallic Thread from Kreinik

FACETS Multi-dimensional bead like Metallic Thread FACETS Multi-dimensional bead like Metallic Thread 3.25 yards

 Polyester metallics  Kreinik Facets & and the smaller Petite Facets are an easy alternative to using a beaded thread. No more frustration trying to thread the beads onto your thread, just couch the Facets onto the surface of any cross stitch, needlepoint, doll making or crazy quilting project to create texture and dimension.

Available in Gold, Silver, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Red, Green and Black.  Kreinik Facets & Petite Facets are hand or machine washable and dry cleanable.

Cool water is recommended. Do not use bleach.

It can also be tumble-dried on low setting. When ironing a finished piece containing Facets, do not iron directly on the thread; use a cloth, and do not use steam. 



 Red Facet RED FACETS $3.30 Enter Quantity

 Black Facet BLACK FACETS $3.30 Enter Quantity

 Emerald Green Facets EMERALD GREEN FACETS $3.30 Enter Quantity

 FAC-014 Sky Blue Facet SKY BLUE FACETS $3.30 Enter Quantity

 Saphire Blue Facet SAPPHIRE BLUE FACETS $3.30 Enter Quantity

petite facets Petite Facets are half the size of our regular Facets.
In Brazilian Embroidery the string of facets can be couched onto the limbs of Christmas Trees for a festive effect or to decorate the Christmas ornament designs.

There is a multitude of fun things you can do to incorporate this beautiful bead type thread in to any of your embroidered designs.  Simply find a matching thread and couch the line of beady thread into place!

 Petite Silver Facet SILVER Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

FAC-002 Petite
 Petite Antique Gold Facet ANTIQUE Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

FAC-003 Petite
 Petite Red Facet RED Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

FAC-005 Petite
 Petite Black Facet BLACK Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

FAC-009 Petite
 Petite Emerald Green Facet EMERALD Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

FAC-014 Petite
 Petite Sky Blue Facet SKY BLUE Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

FAC-051 Petite
 Petite Saphire Blue Facet SAPPHIRE Petite Facet $3.30 Enter Quantity

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