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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Fuchsias sampler series by Merrilyn Heazlewood
Regular price $14.00  Sales price $9.95

The Super sale price will be based on the $9.95 price. FW128

Brazilian Embroidery Design:
Fun With Shisha and Beads

dk3870 dk3870 YELLOW

Fun With Shisha and Beads

Intermediate Brazilian Embroidery design with the added glitter of Shisha mirrors.  What fun, exciting and versatile design!  This would be stunning on the back of a jacket, or on denim, silk or velvet.  Use your imagination when choosing colors.  Choose your favorite color in different shades, or jewel tones or  pastels or whatever colors you love. Fun With Shisha and Beads.



Fun Flowers Brazilian Embroidery pattern

Fun Flowers-Brazilian Embroidery pattern This advanced level design was stitched with EdMar rayon Brazilian Embroidery thread.
This 3-dimensional design was designed by Debbie Kelley.
Advanced 6 " circle on 12 " x 12 " fabric

DK3820   $9.00


Brazilian Embroidery Design: DK3871 Just The Critters

Just The Critters Intermediate This design focus' on just the critters found in the Calendar Girls Series.
These little critters are so simple, if you can draw a stick figure, a short line, or a dot you can put these in any design you stitch! Knowledge of the following stitches will be helpful: straight stitch, lazy daisy, couching,  French knot, bullion, cast on. There is no  formal design for this package, an instruction booklet is provided.
2 colors of Glory, (206 black and a butterfly color), you can use Glory to make the spider web or Kreinik Number 4 Braid 194. Kreinik Number 8 Braid in a  fairy color  (any pale color will do), 032 or other Pearl  type wing color, multi color for skirts  (I used 095), and Kreinik Number 12 Tapestry Braid for fairy hair  (I used 202HL).

DK3871 $5.00


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