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Autumn Beaded Chatelaine
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Scissors Mate (or Cell Mate)

This little mat clings to any dash and provides a skid-resistant surface for stowing your needles, scissors, or other small stitching tools as well as other small household items you don't want sliding around! It is designed to cling to any dash, it is temperature resistant, non-magnetic, and uses no adhesives, as well as being washable, reusable, and moveable! Cleans with soap and water.

Measures 6.75 " x 3.75 "
N7246 $6.00 How many?


Ott-Lite Pink Task Lamp

Attractive pink task lamp provides cool, natural daylight illumination in a compact design. Featuring a portable, fold-up design, automatic on/off, and a 13-watt TrueColor tube that lasts up to 10,000 hours.
N6872 $90.00 How many?

Extra 13-watt TrueColor tube

(N6873B) N6873B $25.00 How many?

File with Flair - Colorful Glass Nail File

N6611 $4.25 Colorful glass nail file keeps your nails fine and smooth to eliminate snagging your threads and fabric while you stitch. Comes in assorted colors, has its own case, and measures approximately 5.5" x .5".
Comes in shades of red/orange, purple/pink, turquoise/green, yellow/lime, blue/green. You will get a MIX of available colors. Colors that are sent are at random choices
  • Provides Long-Lasting Use 
  • For Natural and Artificial Nails
  • Cleans with Soap and Water
  • Includes Protective Case
  •     How many?

    Red Heart Tape Measure
    N6502 $2.99

    Red Heart Tape Measure

    Perfect for your stitching bag, this heart-shaped tape measure is 2" x 2" with tape that pulls to 40" in length and features a push button retraction. N6502 $2.99 Red Heart Tape Measure How many?

    Ice Cream Swirls Scissors

    Ice Cream Swirls Scissors

    These 3.5 " fine needlepoint scissors are constructed out of stainless steel, have purple acrylic handles, a lifetime guarantee and come with a leather sheath. Scissors that are colorful, attractive and are sure to appeal to scissors collectors and needle workers alike!
    SC7226 $9.00 

    Turnable Hoop - 7 " by Clover

    Turnable Hoop

    - 7 " by Clover. Inventive Turnable hoop clamps to table or desk, leaving both hands free. Simply loosen the side screw to rotate the hoop up to 360 degrees, easily accessing the back of your work, or changing the angle of the hoop. 7 " (18 cm.) hoop holds fabric firmly in place and has a cover over the tightening screw so your thread doesn't tangle in the screw. Perfect for Punchneedle or any time your hand tires from holding a hoop.
    $35.00 N6968 How Many?

      Go to the hoops pages for more new hoops

    BE 101 Beginner Needle Pack

    Includes 2 each  of Milliner Needles: 1,3,5, 7 and 2 #18  darners, Needle Picture guide, Thread vs. Needle size, One Black Beauty and One Needle Grabber. Beginner Needle Pack
    N900 $3.50 

    Needle Grabber

    Package of 2 Needle Grabber
    N7148 $1.59  

    Stitcher's Chatelaine

    Stitchers Hand Beaded Chatelaine

    ♥N7149 $12.99

    How Many?
    ........more information

    Autumn Beaded Chatelaine

    Autumn Hand Beaded Chatelaine

    Beautiful hand-beaded chatelaine

    ♥ N7149D $12.99

    How Many? ......more information

    Purple Beaded Chatelaine

    Purple Beaded Chatelaine

    ♥N7149E $12.99

    How Many? ........more information

    Emery Needle Polisher

    Emery Needle Polisher - Abalone

    ♥ N6999A $14.95

    How Many?    ........more information

    Designer Tool Case  Blue

    Designer Tool Case Blue

    An excellent case to carry along with you to keep your stitching accessories tidy and together.

    ♥N7013 $13.99

    How Many?     ........more information

    Embroidery Tool Case

    Clear Plastic Tool Case

    ♥N6420 $3.50 Tool Case

    How Many? ........more information

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