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Only add costs that are appropriate.   When calculating postage, please use the chart as a guide only.  We do try to charge exact postage. Postage rates seem to change monthly. We find a lot of times that the priority shipping is within 50 cents to a $1 of 1st class mail.      A $1 Transaction fee for all US orders.   International orders add $10 extra postage to help cover higher costs. US Funds ONLY.  Underpayment of shipping charges must be remitted upon receipt of merchandise.  Please enclose a check or money order for your order and the estimated shipping charges or call to make arrangements.  Please Indicate if you will NOT accept backorders.  (backorders  will be sent via cheapest route and your account will be charged accordingly.)  We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Credit Cards. Pay pal with prior arrangements    2-09   Remember prices are subject to change USPS will be raising their prices early 2009.


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